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Finding Trusted Tradesmen

Finding a trusted tradesman in Ireland is no easy task for the consumer, who has very little insight into what to look for. This is not a problem unique to tradesmen, it is a common challenge with any kind of gig economy.  And for the tradesmen offering their services, not every job is a good job. But what if there was a marketplace for both sides of the trade services transaction. does just that. An online platform where only qualified tradesmen need apply. No cowboys. Your one-stop-shop for locating a verified, trusted tradesman.

Verify then Trust

If you work in the cybersecurity space, then you will be very familiar with this term, which is a good rule of thumb to apply to pretty much every transaction, especially in the online space. You need to verify the qualifications of the service provider who may not even be certified. We handle the verification, allowing you to trust your service provider.

The Time Overhead

Now, even if verify then trust, is how you tend to operate when acquiring service providers, there is a significant time overhead in doing so. The real business we are in is to give you back your time. As a careful client, you would typically spend time researching a list of potential tradesmen, then narrow them down to just the ones which are qualified, and then further narrow down by the ones best suited to the job. In each of these steps, we bring this together in one searchable marketplace, leaving you only with making the executive decision.

Cowboys are Exposed

Renowned online marketer and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk famously says that the internet has not changed us, but it has exposed us. It is getting more and more difficult for the cowboys of the world to hide behind the guise of a brand, or a strong poker face in a face to face sales situation. With a content-driven global marketplace, that is the internet, you let your portfolio of past jobs and your online ratings do the talking.

Trust is arguably the most important element of any ongoing work that a service provider will do for a client. That being said, this is the reason why we have focused on allowing customers to verify tradesmen, reduce the time overhead in doing so, and crowdsourcing the referrals of other customers.

If you regularly outsource jobs or would like to do so, check us out at where you can post any job, big or small.