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Finding Your Customers in One Marketplace

The gig economy is notorious for wasted time, especially if you are a one-man show as a tradesman. Chances are, all your time is spent on several different aspects of customer acquisition including sales and advertising. A qualified experienced tradesman’s time is better spent doing the work he is good at, not endlessly searching for customers. Here at Tradeworkz, we aim to solve that problem so that tradesmen can significantly reduce the amount of time they spend trying to find tradesmen.

The Value of an Online Marketplace

As we spend more and more time on our devices as a collective society, our attention has shifted. We spend much less time actually living in the real world than we do in the instant gratification of our mobile phone as we walk down the street. Resist this change at your peril, because it has fundamentally changed the way we consume everything from media to products and services. Where in times past, we had designated marketplaces where merchants would gather, and customers knew where to go, the fundamentals have not changed. What has changed is the where and the how.

An online marketplace gives you a few key elements which are very important in finding customers more easily.

A Profile

Keeping with the comparison with the physical marketplace, think of your profile as your stall at the marketplace. You have a designated area where you can show your past work, and list yourself in the directory. You are also searchable, which makes you findable.

Passive Sales

If the customer is coming to a marketplace, by definition it means that that person is in the market for a tradesman. The merchant who sets up his stall in the right location gets approached by people who are at the marketplace because they are looking to consume. A searchable online marketplace means that when a customer googles a job in your location, you have a much higher potential of showing up. Tradesmen aren’t exactly known for having their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) down.


Any marketplace must ensure the quality of its merchants, in order to maintain the trust in the marketplace itself. We verify, then trust, meaning that we only allow certified tradesmen on our platform. Trust is arguably the most important thing to customers, so it is only natural that customers will migrate to a place where they can find that trust. Position yourself as a trusted tradesman, because if the digital age is doing anything very well, it is exposing cowboys at a rapid rate.

Like it or not, the world as we know it is changing. Those who resist this change are sure to lose out. Make sure that you are on the right side of that by getting on a marketplace which follows the attention of the customer. One look around and you will see that or collective attention is very much buried in our phones. Sign up at to benefit from having a searchable profile which leads to passive sales and trust from your customer.