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Practical Tips for Laying Out Your Office in 2020

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Custom Wall and Window Graphics

No office space is complete without your company branding on it. Especially if you intend on your office space being featured in promotional content which is published by your business. Window and wall decals are a cheaper option than getting them painted on, and they don’t damage the wall.

Interior Design

It may actually be worth getting an interior designer to lay the space out in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Employees are getting more and more concerned with working in elegant spaces that inspire them. It is important not only to brand the space, but it is also important to have a space that encourages employee retention and expresses the company culture.


Several studies carried out by universities around the world have concluded that there is a correlation between the amount of greenery that someone is surrounded by in their daily lives and their life satisfaction. Keeping some plants in the office will also remove toxins from the air and add a touch of style to your workspace. Succulents are an easy option because they require very little watering.

Ergonomic Work Stations

Nowadays, most office furniture is designed with ergonomics in mind to promote good posture, reduce repetitive motions and to reduce excessive reaching. Apart from it being a way to give back to your employees, sound ergonomics have also been proven to boost productivity.

Choose Laptops Over Desktops

In general, smaller devices use less energy than larger ones, so if you are conscious of your impact on the environment, or want to save some money on the next electricity bill, ditch the excessively sized workstations for something which is smaller and mobile. It comes with the added benefit or your employees being able to roam freely to different work stations, encouraging collaboration and reducing the risk of cabin fever.

Become More Economical With Your Heating

There are simple steps you can take here which will again not only save you money but make for a happier workforce. Remove any blockages near heaters and radiators, to ensure that they are working to maximum efficiency.

Investing in programmable thermostats, or even IoT devices like NEST can help you to optimize your usage so that you are only heating, or cooling the office at the times when it is needed.

For more practical tips on how to layout your office, or to find qualified tradesmen to maintain your workspace, head over to Connecting home and business owners with qualified tradesmen. Saving you time and increasing trust.