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Wiring a Plug
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Wiring a Plug

Tradeworkz is your one-stop shop for finding qualified tradesmen to complete jobs around your home. Not only that, but it is or mission to help educate you on simple DIY jobs that you can do around the house, including wiring a plug.

[Disclaimer: This content is purely for informational purposes. If you are unsure about how to do this, please consult a qualified electrician].

1. Remove the Cover of a Plug

Unscrew and Remove the Cover of the Plug using a screwdriver. Remember righty tighty, lefty loosey. Unscrew the flex clamp which is visible after removing the cover.

Plug with the Flex Clamp Removed.

2. Remove the Old Wires

Once you have removed the flex clamp, the wires and terminals should now be visible. Loosen the terminal pins, holding the wires in place. Remove the wires and check the copper wire for wear.  If the copper wire is worn, then you can cut it off with a wire cutter and strip back a small section of insulation off the wires. Remove the Fuse.

3. The New Plug

Repeat step 1 on the new plug. Remove the fuse on the new plug to make it easier to insert the wires.

4. Insert the New Wires

Insert the New Wires into the Terminals. Loosen the terminal screws. By pushing the pins at the front of the plug, it exposes where the wires sit within the terminal at the back of the plug. The correct terminals are as follows:

WireWire ColourTerminal NotationTerminal Position
Live BrownLRight
EarthGreen & YellowETop

5. Final Steps

Replace the Fuse. You can use the fuse from the old plug, but just make sure that you have the right amperage for the appliance. Screw on the Cover.